• Device makes electric vehicle charging a two-way street
    Posted in: 2019, NSW

    Image Credit: @mikebirdy /Pexels New tech means cars can power houses, as well as the other way round. A new device turns electric vehicles into chargers for houses and stranded cars. Researchers led by Seyedfoad Taghizadeh from Australia’s Macquarie University are looking to commercialise the technology, which may significantly increase the appeal of the vehicles.

  • Family matters in autism outcomes
    Posted in: 2019, Uncategorized, Vic

    Image Credit: amyelizabethquinn from Pixabay Family matters in autism outcomes Cognition is influenced by siblings, researchers find. Autistic children with autistic siblings have better cognition than those who are the only family member with the condition, researchers have found. Importantly, the outcome does not depend on birth order. Although previous studies have identified that having […]

  • Household drug may give small babies a better start to life
    Posted in: 2019, QLD

    Julie Wixey – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, University of Queensland Small Australian babies born at risk for learning and behavioural problems now have hope for better brain development through Ibuprofen, a common household drug, better known as Nurofen. University of Queensland researchers found that treating babies born smaller than […]