• Announcing the 2021 Fresh Scientists
    Posted in: 2021

    Saving riesling from climate change, matchmaking for city plants and insects, and using electronic gloves to transfer knowledge from surgeons to students—just a taste of the Fresh Science we’ll be exploring this year. Thanks to all our university and museum partners around the country who ensure events run in their state. Thank you also to…

  • Communication forums for 2021 Fresh Science candidates
    Posted in: 2021

    Presented with the support of Defence Science Technology Group. Meet the media Join us for a discussion with journalists from television, radio and newspaper. Find out what makes science news and how to ensure your research is reported accurately. Wednesday 22 September 11am to 12.30pm AEST. Building your profile This 90 minute session will explore…

  • Oysters respond to the sounds of healthy homes
    Posted in: 2019, SA

    Reef restoration project uses noise to attract new residents University of Adelaide researchers are trialling an exciting new approach for accelerating the restoration of native oyster reefs – marine soundscape manipulation. Oysters once formed enormous reefs over thousands of kilometres of Australian coastline, and restoring them will improve coastal health and productivity. The challenge in…