University of Melbourne

  • Turning wasted whey into food
    Posted in: 2016, Vic

    It takes four kilograms of milk to make just one kilogram of Greek yogurt. That means a lot of good stuff is being wasted. But George Chen from the University of Melbourne thinks he can harvest this to make baby formula, energy bars, drinks and desserts.

  • Achilles tendon puts the spring in your step
    Posted in: 2015, Vic

    The term Achilles heel may be synonymous with weakness, but University of Melbourne researchers have found the Achilles tendon plays a more powerful role in movement than previously thought. “Muscles propel the body, but they aren’t the whole story. Elastic-band-like tendons also store energy,” PhD student Adrian Lai says.

  • 3D mapping for indoor disaster management
    Posted in: 2015, Vic

    A new mapping system could now help emergency services manoeuvre inside buildings just as expertly as they navigate through streets to get to incident sites. Hosna Tashakkori, a PhD student at The University of Melbourne, is creating a 3D representation of indoor maps to provide situational awareness and navigation assistance to emergency services.