spinal injury

  • Tiny 3D labs to replace petri dishes for growing human tissue
    Posted in: 2017, QLD

    Engineering floating liquid marbles for three-dimensional cell cultures A liquid marble is a tiny water droplet, the size of a pinhead, coated with non-stick powder. The liquid marble acts like a miniature laboratory: cells can be grown inside it. Chin Hong Ooi (Griffith University) and colleagues are the first in the world to grow human…

  • Taking the pressure off spinal cord injury
    Posted in: 2016, SA

    Spinal cord injury can leave the sufferer with life-changing disabilities including paralysis, reduced bowel and bladder control, loss of sexual ability, and chronic pain. In a world first, researchers from the University of Adelaide have found that after a spinal cord injury, pressure builds up in the spinal cord, peaking three days after the accident.…