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  • Goannas return to mine sites
    Posted in: 2019, WA

    Goannas return to mine sites Animals play critical roles in ecosystems, but they are broadly overlooked in assessments of mine site restoration success says Sophie Cross, an ecologist at Curtin University. She tracked Australia’s largest lizard species, the perentie, using VHF radio and GPS tracking, and walked hundreds of kilometres through unmined and restoration bushland […]

  • Is that plant healthy?
    Posted in: 2019, WA

    Is that plant healthy? We can’t easily monitor the health of plants, by the time we see that they’re sick it’s usually too late to save that. That’s an issue for your house plants, a field of wheat, orchards and plantations. Karina Khambatta has developed a way to use the waxy surface of leaves to […]

  • Do you know exactly where you are?
    Posted in: 2019, WA

    Image credit: Curtin University Do you know exactly where you are? We all rely on GPS to tell us where we are and where we’re going. The US government’s global network of 30+ satellites guides planes, ships, cars, tractors and much more. The latest GPS systems can provide mm- to cm-accuracy using advanced equipment and […]