• Freezing plants for the future
    Posted in: 2018, WA

    Pieces of a rare plant species are being carefully frozen by Western Australian scientists in a long-term conservation plan. Susan Whiteley of Kings Park Science and the University of Western Australia, with colleagues including collaborators from Curtin University, are freezing the plant Androcalva perlaria in liquid nitrogen so it can be thawed in the future.…

  • Tongues give clues to snake sex secrets
    Posted in: 2017, WA

    For the Spotted Brown Snake (or dugite), size doesn’t matter when it comes to sex. Perth researchers found no difference between the lengths of tongue tines (the two sides of the tongue’s ‘fork’) between male and female dugites—giving clues as to the snakes’ behaviour. “Initially we were surprised, because while sexual differences between snakes tend…