• Using drama to fight malaria
    Posted in: 2018, SA

    Mosquitoes kill almost 450,000 people each year by spreading the deadly parasitic disease malaria. Dr Renly Lim from the University of South Australia is bringing a new weapon to the fight: drama. Renly and her colleagues recognise that education is essential to stemming the spread of the disease, and they have developed a unique way […]

  • Engineering wheelchair gold
    Posted in: 2018, SA

    Customised seats may give Australian wheelchair racers the winning edge at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. University of Adelaide engineer Amy Lewis says specialised seating can provide a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure a perfect fit between off-the-shelf equipment and every athlete’s unique body. Working with colleagues at the University of Adelaide, the Australian […]

  • Rogue sugar to blame for neurodegenerative disorder
    Posted in: 2018, SA

    Misshapen sugar molecules that disrupt brain cell formation are responsible for the rare neurodegenerative disease Sanfillipo syndrome, Australian researchers have found. Sanfilippo syndrome affects around 350 children in Australia and is generally fatal before 18 years of age. There is currently no cure or effective treatment. Rebecca Lehmann, a PhD candidate at the University of […]