South Australia

Fresh Science SA will be held on 12 June & 13 June 2018

The SA Fresh Scientists will undertake a day of media and communication training at the South Australian Museum on 12 June.

Students are invited to our free schools forum

Then on 13 June, about 400 SA school students will be invited to a free, one-hour forum at the South Australian Museum to hear from our early-career Fresh Scientists as they describe their latest discoveries across a range of fields from botany and zoology to biotechnology, physics, medicine and engineering.

The talks are aimed at year 9 and 10 students, but students from upper primary up to year 12 are welcome.

Each scientist presents for five minutes and students have the chance to ask questions after each talk. We love the students’ questions!

School forums are free, but bookings are essential via the following link – 

For more information email

Join us at the pub night

On the night of 13 June, join a crowd of  science enthusiasts and hear these leading early-career scientists share the stories in their science.

In the past we’ve heard about smart bandages, the sawfish saw, printable solar cells, wallabies’ immune tricks, ocean arteries, backward planets and more.

This year’s Fresh Scientists with reveal their discoveries using rhyme, reason and the odd firework.

The Pub night will be held at the the old-English inspired Elephant British Pub, 1 Cinema Pl, Adelaide SA 5000.

Tickets are free, but bookings are essential. Register now to secure your spot.

Spread the word: You can help spread the word by telling any science or beer enthusiasts you know about your local event.
You can also download both a PDF or JPEG of the event flyer to share among your friends.

The 2018 SA Fresh Scientists are:

  • Amy Lewis – The University of Adelaide/Australian Institute of Sport
  • MD Julker Nine – The University of Adelaide
  • Rebecca Lehmann – The University of Adelaide
  • Robert Cope – The University of Adelaide
  • Sivabaskari Pasupathy – The University of Adelaide
  • Anh Tran Tam Pham – Flinders University
  • Dhara Amin – Flinders University
  • Nicole Lovato – Flinders University
  • Hayley Schultz – University of South Australia
  • Renly Lim – University of South Australia

Read the stories of past South Australian Freshies here.

Our Supporters  Fresh Science South Australia partners are the South Australian Museum, the University of South Australia, Flinders University and the University of Adelaide.