• New South Wales (table to add to http://freshscience.org.au/stories)
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    New South Wales “Magic” crystals and microbes – making the most of biogas wells Sabrina Beckmann UNSW Interpreting the language of touch Heba Khamis UNSW Remembering what you didn’t have time to see Trevor Chong Macquarie University   Protecting our blood vessels from damaging salt with avocados and dried apricots Natalie Lister The University of […]

  • Helping solar-powered animals fight changing ocean chemistry
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    Queensland researchers have found that maintaining good water quality and light levels in coral reef waters could help endangered giant clams survive in a world of rising carbon dioxide levels. The warming effect of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is well known, but in the last five years there has been a new focus on the […]

  • Could an ancient micro-organism be killing our reefs?
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    An ancient microorganism known as archaea may hold a crucial key to saving our coral reefs from the increasingly dangerous black band disease, according to Townsville researchers. Dr Yui Sato is researching black band disease at the Australian Institute of Marine Science using DNA- and RNA-sequencing technologies, and has found a microbe from the primitive […]