• Treating sewage smartly creates power
    Posted in: 2017, QLD

    Treating sewage is energy-intensive, and accounts for 20–30 per cent of a council’s energy costs. And despite sewage being an energy-rich resource, the energy currently recovered from sewage is low. Qilin Wang (Griffith University) has developed a technology, using a chemical already found in sewage treatment, to increase the energy recovered by four to six […]

  • Patients tracking their own nutrition shorten their hospital stays
    Posted in: 2017, QLD

    It’s a silent risk affecting nearly half of everyone already in hospital: malnourished hospital patients fall over more, get infections more easily, stay in hospital longer, and die more often. Whether you’re malnourished before you get to hospital or develop it during your stay, now there’s a way to take control of your body’s food […]

  • Tiny 3D labs to replace petri dishes for growing human tissue
    Posted in: 2017, QLD

    Engineering floating liquid marbles for three-dimensional cell cultures A liquid marble is a tiny water droplet, the size of a pinhead, coated with non-stick powder. The liquid marble acts like a miniature laboratory: cells can be grown inside it. Chin Hong Ooi (Griffith University) and colleagues are the first in the world to grow human […]