• Unlocking the wonders of nature’s nanostructures
    Posted in: 2017, QLD

    New techniques reveal dragonfly wing’s sterile surfaces that could benefit surgery Australia is well known for its deadly creatures. But there’s one that’s harmless to humans and deadly to bacteria: the dragonfly! Hospitals have a huge problem with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Could the dragonfly hold the answer to stop bacteria in its tracks only the force […]

  • How deadly dragonfly wings bust up bacteria
    Posted in: 2017, QLD

    New techniques reveal how to copy nature and make bacteria-killing surgical instruments Monday 12 February 2018 Scientists have revealed the intricate detail of how dragonfly wings kill bacteria, thanks to new methods for using very powerful microscopes to see nature’s smallest structures in three dimensions. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers found that dragonfly wings […]

  • Scientists peer into tiny crystal balls to predict volcanic eruptions
    Posted in: 2017, QLD

    Tiny crystals, which can be as small as a grain of salt, that form deep in volcanoes have revealed a potential time-warning system for volcanic eruptions. “This could signal good news for the almost one in 10 people around the world who live within 100 kilometres of an active volcano,” says University of Queensland volcanologist […]