• Stopping the spread of ovarian cancer
    Posted in: 2017, NSW

    Molecules that are important for a developing fetus have also been shown to drive the spread of ovarian cancer in adult women, according to Sydney researchers. In Australia, one woman will die from ovarian cancer every 10 hours. The survival rate for women with the disease has remained at 30 per cent for years, as […]

  • Tweaking timing of vaccines could result in less jabs
    Posted in: 2017, NSW

    A simple tweak of the current immunisation schedule could reduce the number of doses of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine a child needs, according to Sydney researchers. Currently infants are required to receive three doses of the vaccine in order to gain full protection against pneumococcal diseases. However the pneumococcal vaccine is one of the most […]

  • Give chickens whole grain and feed 100 million people
    Posted in: 2017, NSW

    Adding whole grains to chicken food boosts meat production efficiency and could improve global food security. It’s also likely to be good for backyard chickens, says Sydney scientist Amy Moss. Amy’s research at the University of Sydney’s Poultry Research Foundation, found that replacing some of the ground grain in chickens’ feed with whole grain both […]

  • Pneumonia bug distracts immune system
    Posted in: 2016, NSW

    A Sydney researcher has discovered a common, pneumonia-causing bacterium can shed living proteins, and may use this ability as a defence against our immune system. “The process is called cleavage,” says Michael Widjaja of the University of Technology, Sydney. “Bacteria use it to multiply their defences, effectively increasing the number of targets that our immune […]