• Newer, lighter cars less recyclable
    Posted in: 2018, ACT

    Using combinations of materials to make cars lighter and reduce their carbon footprint during use might be shifting the environmental burden to the recycling stage of the vehicle, according to research from the Australian National University (ANU). “Previous work has looked at how the multi-material combination can reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint during its use. […]

  • ‘Trojan Horse’ to sneak medicine into brain after stroke
    Posted in: 2018, ACT

    A material that mimics healthy brain tissue has been developed by Canberra scientists, which is hoped will help deliver medicines directly to damaged areas following a stroke. There is a stroke in Australia every 10 minutes. But treatments are limited—for example: growth factors are promising drugs for many injuries and degenerative conditions, as well as […]

  • Wine science: grapes could suffocate in dry spells
    Posted in: 2018, ACT

    A shortage of oxygen, increased by water stress, could lead to grape cells dying, according to researchers from the ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production. “This new knowledge can help us better understand berry ripening and potentially help to select hardier plant varieties, adapting grape cultivation to a warmer and drier climate,” says study […]