• “Game changing” nanocrystals will clean the air
    Posted in: 2015, Vic

    Tiny porous crystals have the capacity to remove carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the atmosphere and will soon be available for real-world applications thanks to CSIRO researchers in Melbourne. The potential for these nanocrystals, known as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), has long been held back by the terrifically time-consuming processes needed to create them.…

  • Achilles tendon puts the spring in your step
    Posted in: 2015, Vic

    The term Achilles heel may be synonymous with weakness, but University of Melbourne researchers have found the Achilles tendon plays a more powerful role in movement than previously thought. “Muscles propel the body, but they aren’t the whole story. Elastic-band-like tendons also store energy,” PhD student Adrian Lai says.

  • Serial killers for cancer
    Posted in: 2015, Vic

    The natural ‘soldier cells’ (T cells) of the immune system have been retargeted by a team at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne—creating serial killers for cancer cells. The work is part of a therapy that is having promising results in clinical trials.

  • Fresh Science 2015 state winners
    Posted in: 2015

    2015 In 2015 Fresh Science ran in each of the mainland states, with support from research organisations and universities in each state. For the first year, there were two Queensland events: North Queensland (Townsville) and Southeast Queensland (Brisbane). Out of the 180 nominations, here are the finalists from each event: Fresh Science North Queensland (Townsville) Geoffrey…