• Kimberley corals are true Aussie battlers
    Posted in: 2015, WA

    While coral reefs around the world are feeling the heat, little-known reefs in Australia’s Kimberley region are prospering, despite living in some of the toughest conditions—and scientists aren’t yet sure why. The discovery has particular significance this summer with fears of a severe coral bleaching event to hit our northern waters—the result of steadily rising…

  • Barramundi may run low on oxygen, but aren’t out of breath
    Posted in: 2015, QLD

    Barramundi are giving hope to our climate-vulnerable seafood future, with Queensland researchers finding that our beloved fish dinner can show resilience to warmer waters and decreased oxygen levels. “Warmer water means less available oxygen for breathing, and more energy required to sustain basic bodily functions,” explains Geoffrey Collins, a PhD student at James Cook University…

  • What will make people act to save the Reef?
    Posted in: 2015, QLD

    While we have a good understanding of the science behind physical threats to the Great Barrier Reef – runoff, ocean acidification, rising temperatures – we have much less information about the human side. How do Australians see the Reef? Do they consider it under threat? What would move them to protect the Reef? Jeremy Goldberg…