• Blood reveals Great Barrier Reef sharks as homebodies
    Posted in: 2015, Vic

    Small Australian sharks have been exposed as bigger homebodies than previously thought, in a study that took an existing chemical tracking technique and made it work for Great Barrier Reef sharks. The study found that the travel history of the Australian sharpnose shark was written in their blood—with chemical ‘fin-prints’ showing they tended to stay…

  • Brain training to give tendon pain the boot
    Posted in: 2015, Vic

    Footy player, netballer and ballet dancer available for interview Re-training the brain with painless exercises may be the key to stopping recurring tendon pain, according to Melbourne researchers. AFL, basketball and netball players are the major sufferers, with tendon pain in the knee debilitating and long-lasting. The injury can sideline a player or cause them…

  • Filtering the blood to keep cancer in check
    Posted in: 2015, NSW

    A new diagnostic system used to detect cancer cells in small blood samples could next be turned towards filtering a patient’s entire system to remove those dangerous cells – like a dialysis machine for cancer – says an Australian researcher who helped develop the system. The technique was developed for cancer diagnosis, and is capable…