• Are you in control or are you just a robot?
    Posted in: 2014, NSW

    Do you always feel in control? The effortless state of ‘flow’ reported by sportspeople – where they anticipate and quickly react to their opponent’s moves – is a highly sought-after state. But for those with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, losing control can be distressing says Vince Polito, from Macquarie University. The sense that we…

  • Acid oceans and a symphony
    Posted in: 2014, Tas

    The oceans around East Antarctica are becoming acidic at a faster rate than expected, and could become toxic to some forms of marine life in the next 15 years. The findings are the result of research led by Nick Roden at the University of Tasmania and CSIRO, following a building on a twenty year program…

  • Fresh Science 2014 state finalists
    Posted in: 2014

    New South Wales Dr Matt Baker, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Mr Jordan Collier, University of Western Sydney Mr Matthew Collins, CUDOS/University of Sydney Dr. Graham Doig, University of New South Wales Mr. Ali Fathi, University of Sydney Mr Nathanial Harris, University of Wollongong Mr Steve Krezo, University of Western Sydney Dr James Makinson, University…