• Simple urine test for motor neurone disease
    Posted in: 2016, SA

    A researcher at Flinders University has developed a simple urine test that gives a quantitative measure of the severity of motor neurone disease. Up until now, the search for effective treatments has been hampered by the lack of direct measurement techniques. Researchers have depended on a questionnaire that asks how well the patient can perform […]

  • World first gene offers fresh view on glaucoma
    Posted in: 2016, SA

    The chance detection of one large family’s predisposition to small eyes has given Flinders University researcher Mona Awadalla a new angle on the disease glaucoma. Mona and her colleagues identified a new gene mutation that leads to reduced eyeball size, which led to glaucoma in 16 members of one family. Known as TMEM98, the gene codes […]