• Social networking for lizards – when neighbours don’t become good friends
    Posted in: 2015, WA

    New research from Murdoch University has revealed that lizards avoid each other in their own neighbourhood, and most of all steer clear of their relatives. The conventional wisdom is that family relationships form an important part of social interactions – in both humans, and many other animal societies – as many benefits are gained by aiding […]

  • Monitoring drugs at home, not the hospital
    Posted in: 2013, Tas

    A tiny Tasmanian invention that could make personalized medication easy and affordable. Millions of people should have their blood tested each day to check the level of prescription drug in their blood. Some drugs are only effective within a very narrow range. Too little and the drug is ineffective, too much and the drug could […]

  • Galaxies in the thick of it grow up fast
    Posted in: 2012, NSW

    In a quest to learn more about our own galaxy, a Sydney astronomer has identified dozens of previously unknown galaxies in a distant cluster. Using one of the world’s largest optical telescopes, Dr Amanda Bauer—an ARC Super Science Fellow at the Australian Astronomical Observatory—and her team around the world have been studying this cluster closely. […]