Pure clean water

A young Sydney researcher and surfer is using laser technology to revolutionise the detection of dangerous bugs like cryptosporidium in water. [click to continue…]

Geologists fascinated by the scum of the earth: giant computer models have replaced Jules Verne’s fevered imagination in producing images of the centre of the Earth. [click to continue…]

Australia’s Serengeti: Clash of the Marsupial Carnivores – a Tasmanian researcher’s study of marsupial carnivores and their teeth will help us conserve our remaining marsupial carnivores. [click to continue…]

Astronomers Discover Menagerie of Hot Molecules

How are stars born? A new instrument, developed at UNSW is probing interstellar gas clouds to find out. [click to continue…]

The short-tailed shearwater travels further to feed its young than most animals known including the albatross. Advanced electronic and satellite communication is revealing their secrets.

Nick Klomp goes to work armed. [click to continue…]

Revolutionary laser micromachining technology installed in Melbourne

Lasers make micromachines: a human hair with 6 simultaneously-drilled rectangular holes, micropyramids only 6µm wide simulating a moths eye for telescope optics, [click to continue…]

New insight into the cause of female infertility: a certain hormone, interleukin 11, is absolutely essential for female fertility. [click to continue…]

A new generation of vaccines is closer, thanks to research work by a young Melbourne scientist on DNA vaccines. [click to continue…]

 Bacteria “talk” using chemical signals to prepare their attack on humans, animals and plants. Could a chemical from seaweed disrupt their conversation and stop the invasion? [click to continue…]

Stress before birth leads to hypertension in adulthood. Trial in sheep suggest that high blood pressure [click to continue…]

How does the Earth’s surface evolve? A geologist is using 3D animated reconstructions to explore ancient landscapes. [click to continue…]

Conflict: what tactics should police avoid when attempting to defuse a conflict? This behavioural research observed police on patrol for more than a year and electronically recorded their tactics for analysis.

[click to continue…]

Soil development at snails’ pace: a pioneering study of soil formation in north Queensland shows that it takes 3000 years to form barely a millimetre of soil from the rocks beneath – too little, too long….. Too late! [click to continue…]

All systems are glow in vertebrate pest control – new bait markers use hair samples to monitor bait uptake in rabbit and fox control. [click to continue…]

Ancient Technology Could Solve Modern Environmental Problems: a process used in casting the stone blocks of the Pyramids of Egypt is being used for safe disposal of industrial wastes [click to continue…]

A 1.2 kilometre long ice core from the Antarctic is yielding valuable new climate information which will help scientists to better understand climate change. [click to continue…]