• Fighting dust-mite allergies with fish oil
    Posted in: 2016, SA

    Kids born to mums who’d taken high doses of fish oil in pregnancy were less likely to have some types of allergies, Adelaide researchers have found. The trial, run by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), was the largest in the world to look at the effects of Omega-3 – commonly found […]

  • Pneumonia bug distracts immune system
    Posted in: 2016, NSW

    A Sydney researcher has discovered a common, pneumonia-causing bacterium can shed living proteins, and may use this ability as a defence against our immune system. “The process is called cleavage,” says Michael Widjaja of the University of Technology, Sydney. “Bacteria use it to multiply their defences, effectively increasing the number of targets that our immune […]

  • Blood test uncovers hidden diseases
    Posted in: 2016, NSW

    Sufferers of rare mitochondrial disease have new hope with a new method developed at the University of Sydney. The method provides a diagnosis within weeks instead of months or years through a simple blood sample. Mitochondrial diseases are rare and hard to diagnose. They can affect any organ, at any age and are often ‘hidden’ […]

  • Exercising before prostate surgery helps recovery
    Posted in: 2016, WA

    Favil Singh has a simple prescription for patients about to undergo surgery for prostate cancer—exercise. His research has shown that a regular dose of physical activity in the lead up to surgery helps patients recover faster, and spend less time in hospital. “This is the first time we’ve been able to demonstrate the benefits of […]