• Making batteries from thin air
    Posted in: 2017, NSW

    Sunlight is being used to convert carbon dioxide into batteries, thanks to a new technology being developed by researchers at the University of Newcastle. Currently, we mine the materials we use to make batteries. One of these materials is graphite—a type of carbon—that has specific properties that makes it good at storing electrical energy, including […]

  • Love is in your guts
    Posted in: 2017, NSW

    If you’ve ever had a gut feeling about a relationship, there may be more science behind it than you realise. A recent study in fruit flies has shown that the bacteria in their guts may impact who they choose to mate with, as well as the number and health of their children. Macquarie University’s Dr […]

  • Overcoming knee pain with the help of a digital twin
    Posted in: 2018, QLD

    Scientists use computer simulations of joint and muscle movements to teach us to exercise smarter Researchers have developed computer simulations of joint and muscle movements that can teach us how to exercise smarter and prevent knee pain and further damage. One in five Australians over the age of 45 suffer from painful and debilitating osteoarthritis, […]