Now more than ever science needs a voice.

Fresh Science is a national competition helping early-career researchers find, and then share, their stories of discovery.

The program takes young researchers with no media experience and turns them into spokespeople for science, giving them a taste of life in the limelight, with a day of media training and a public event in their home state.

Fresh Science is now underway. We have selected the finalists in each state except NSW, and have started events with Victoria the first cab off the ranks.

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Vince Polito (Credit: OK-White Lane)

Vince Polito (Credit: OK-White Lane)

Do you always feel in control? The effortless state of ‘flow’ reported by sportspeople – where they anticipate and quickly react to their opponent’s moves – is a highly sought-after state.

But for those with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, losing control can be distressing says Vince Polito, from Macquarie University.

The sense that we have control over our own actions is called our sense of agency. By looking at what triggers and blocks the state of flow experienced in elite sportspeople and musicians, Vince hopes to better understand the common causes of losing control.