• Growing more food with less fertiliser
    Posted in: 2017, NSW

    Researchers have found the key to increasing the rate at which maize absorbs nitrogen in the lab, a crucial step in growing higher yielding crops while using less fertiliser. “Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant growth,” explains researcher Dr Zhengyu Wen from the University of Sydney. “Crops absorb nitrogen from fertilisers and the soil […]

  • Stopping the spread of ovarian cancer
    Posted in: 2017, NSW

    Molecules that are important for a developing fetus have also been shown to drive the spread of ovarian cancer in adult women, according to Sydney researchers. In Australia, one woman will die from ovarian cancer every 10 hours. The survival rate for women with the disease has remained at 30 per cent for years, as […]

  • Tweaking timing of vaccines could result in less jabs
    Posted in: 2017, NSW

    A simple tweak of the current immunisation schedule could reduce the number of doses of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine a child needs, according to Sydney researchers. Currently infants are required to receive three doses of the vaccine in order to gain full protection against pneumococcal diseases. However the pneumococcal vaccine is one of the most […]

  • Tongues give clues to snake sex secrets
    Posted in: 2017, WA

    For the Spotted Brown Snake (or dugite), size doesn’t matter when it comes to sex. Perth researchers found no difference between the lengths of tongue tines (the two sides of the tongue’s ‘fork’) between male and female dugites—giving clues as to the snakes’ behaviour. “Initially we were surprised, because while sexual differences between snakes tend […]