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Amanda Bauer

Studying galaxy clusters, Amanda Bauer Fresh Science 2012.

Dates Training 25 July, Schools event 26 July , Pub night 26 July

Training Fresh Science NSW comprised a day of media and communication training at the Australian Museum. We will issue press releases for the best story from the event.

Schools event School students were invited to a free, one-hour forum at UNSW on 26 July to hear from a number of early-career scientists. Previous years students have heard about a carbon-fibre future for car parts, jetlag patches for newborn babies and galactic gas guzzlers. The talks were aimed at year 9 and 10 students, but students from upper primary up to year 12 were welcomed. Students had the chance to ask questions at each forum.

Pub night was held at the Three Wise Monkeys Hotel near the Australian Museum. A crowd of arund 100 heard leading early-career scientists reveal their discoveries in a Sydney pub, presenting their work in the time it takes a party sparkler to burn out. Flyer.

This year’s NSW Freshies were:

  • Katelyn Edge, Office of Environment and Heritage – Clear as mud: contaminated sediments toxic to oysters
  • Kyle Ewart, University of Sydney (and Australian Museum) – Rapid and robust species identification of rhinoceros horn
  • Teagan Gale, UNSW – The step-parent trap: conflict in the mouse household
  • Sadia Mahboob, Macquarie University – Making a mark on early colorectal cancer detection
  • Lidia Matesic, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation – Miniature plumbing fast-tracks radiopharmaceutical development
  • Minal Menezes, Metabolic Research Unit/Kids Research Institute (KRI), University of Sydney – Unraveling genetic disease mysteries: a path to personalised medicine
  • Alex Patton, UNSW – Conductive cardiac patches: mending broken hearts
  • Martin Ploschner, Macquarie University – Sculpturing light at the tip of a needle
  • Mark Polizzotto, UNSW – Immune system boost offers new HIV-related cancer hope
  • Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina, UNSW – Blood supply: the missing piece of the bioartificial organ puzzle
  • Babak Sarrafpour, University of Sydney – Potential role for bite forces in tooth eruption
  • Edward Waters, University of Notre Dame – Possums: furry friend or filthy foe?
  • Michael Widjaja, University of Technology Sydney – Employing cleavage as a distraction

Our Supporters Fresh Science NSW partnerd with the Australian Museum and the University of New South Wales.

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