A patented treatment could restore eyesight for millions of sufferers of corneal disease.

The University of Melbourne–led team of researchers have grown corneal cells on a layer of film that can be implanted in the eye to help the cornea heal itself. They have successfully restored vision in animal trials and are aiming to move to human trials next year.

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Fresh Science 2015

17 September 2015

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Coral with black-band disease, Yui Sato Fresh Science Townsville

In 2015 Fresh Science ran in Victoria, NSW, Western Australia, South Australia, North Queensland (Townsville) and South Queensland (Brisbane).

For 18 years Fresh Science has been helping young Australian scientists find their story and their voice, and empowering these future leaders of science to engage with the community, media, government and industry.

Since 1997 Fresh Science has trained more than 250 early-career scientists how to present their science in a way that’s accessible to a general audience.

We believe it’s essential that the new generation of young scientists reach out and engage:

  • exciting Australians with their research and its impact
  • learning how to reach out to governments and businesses
  • encouraging informed, evidence-based discussion of the big issues – from vaccines to climate change; and
  • providing role models for school and university students.
Jacek Jasieniak image

Discussing the use of two-dimensional quasiparticles, Robert Pfiefer Fresh Science NSW

In 2015 Fresh Science ran in every mainland state, with 61 Fresh Scientists in six state events, and seven public events bringing Fresh Science to around 1000 members of the public.

Read some of the fresh science discovered in previous years here.

New South Wales

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Magic” crystals and microbes – making the most of biogas wells
Sabrina Beckmann

Interpreting the language of touch

Heba Khamis UNSW

thinkingRemembering what you didn’t have time to see

Trevor Chong
Macquarie University



Protecting our blood vessels from damaging salt with avocados and dried apricots

Natalie Lister
The University of Sydney

Heba A in the labGatekeeper proteins moonlighting as antioxidants
Heba Al Khamici, University of Technology, Sydney

lego dnaTracking the team that repairs DNA and prevents cancer

Elizabeth Hinde

3354331917_8166996ec5_zPlanes won’t fly on batteries
Jessica Stanley

New device taking cancer for a spin

Majid Ebrahimi Warkiani


Yabbies are digging up our carbon stores
Alex Thomson
University of Technology, Sydney

Extinction of large animals damages a greater diversity of plant species than we thought

Si-Chong Chen

17470913285_01d630162b_zMexican wave for quantum computing

Robert Pfeifer
Macquarie University