• Big tick for hidden bacterial world of tick-based research
    Posted in: 2016, WA

    Perth molecular biologist Dr Charlotte Oskam has found herself at the centre of debate over whether Lyme disease exists in Australia with her research into the hidden bacterial world of ticks. Charlotte has been searching Australian ticks for the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, which causes Lyme disease in the Northern Hemisphere—a debilitating condition many believe is […]

  • Kimberley corals are true Aussie battlers
    Posted in: 2015, WA

    While coral reefs around the world are feeling the heat, little-known reefs in Australia’s Kimberley region are prospering, despite living in some of the toughest conditions—and scientists aren’t yet sure why. The discovery has particular significance this summer with fears of a severe coral bleaching event to hit our northern waters—the result of steadily rising […]

  • Rottnest Island: a safe-haven for tropical coral
    Posted in: 2015, WA

    The tropical corals of Rottnest Island appear to be thriving at the extreme limits of their geographical position despite lower and more seasonally variable water temperatures. Claire Ross, a PhD student at The University of Western Australia, measured two reef-building species of stony coral at Rottnest Island just off the coast of Perth, the southernmost […]

  • Bacteria to make the desert bloom
    Posted in: 2015, WA

    A new species of the soil bacteria forms a partnership with clover and other important agricultural legumes to fertilise them naturally, according to Perth researchers at Murdoch University. We will need water-efficient plants that survive in desert conditions. This research is helping to make agricultural legumes more efficient and may one day lead to growing […]