• A window on Earth’s first life forms: finding more stromatolites
    Posted in: 2016, WA

    Stromatolites have been discovered beyond the well-researched south-east corner of Hamelin Pool, in Shark Bay Western Australia, according to a researcher from Bush Heritage. Erica Suosaari donned a wetsuit and spent three years being dragged behind a boat to investigate the entire pool for the first time. She found stromatolites around almost the entire 135km […]

  • Fairyfloss asteroids: a window into the early Solar System
    Posted in: 2016, WA

    Rocky asteroids were formed by collisions between giant, fairy floss-like dust clouds as our Solar System formed, according to planetary geologist Lucy Forman. Working at Curtin University, Lucy used computer modelling to understand what happens when two fluffy clouds of space dust collide, calculating the resulting heat and pressure released between the dust particles. And […]

  • Big tick for hidden bacterial world of tick-based research
    Posted in: 2016, WA

    Perth molecular biologist Dr Charlotte Oskam has found herself at the centre of debate over whether Lyme disease exists in Australia with her research into the hidden bacterial world of ticks. Charlotte has been searching Australian ticks for the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, which causes Lyme disease in the Northern Hemisphere—a debilitating condition many believe is […]