• Looking out for your mate: HPV-vaccinated women protect men
    Posted in: 2016, Vic

    A Melbourne study has found the first evidence of ‘herd protection’ from vaccinations against the cervical cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV). Eric Chow from Alfred Health has found that women who vaccinate against HPV not only protect themselves, they also protect their male partners from the virus.

  • Turning wasted whey into food
    Posted in: 2016, Vic

    It takes four kilograms of milk to make just one kilogram of Greek yogurt. That means a lot of good stuff is being wasted. But George Chen from the University of Melbourne thinks he can harvest this to make baby formula, energy bars, drinks and desserts.

  • Fast-charging, everlasting battery power from graphene
    Posted in: 2016, Vic

    A new, flexible energy-storage technology that could soon replace the batteries in our cars, phones and more has been invented by Swinburne University researchers. Han Lin’s new super battery (actually, a supercapacitor) can store as much energy per kilogram as a lithium battery, but charges in minutes, or even seconds, and uses carbon instead of […]

  • Blood reveals Great Barrier Reef sharks as homebodies
    Posted in: 2015, Vic

    Small Australian sharks have been exposed as bigger homebodies than previously thought, in a study that took an existing chemical tracking technique and made it work for Great Barrier Reef sharks. The study found that the travel history of the Australian sharpnose shark was written in their blood—with chemical ‘fin-prints’ showing they tended to stay […]