• The trouble with leaky frog skin
    Posted in: 2017, QLD

    Deadly fungus damages frog skin during shedding The deadly chytrid fungal infection, affecting more than 500 species worldwide, challenges our ongoing attempts to conserve our fragile native frog species. Frogs shed their skin normally around every three to four days, but increase the rate of shedding in the presence of skin diseases to try and […]

  • Dragonfly wings bust bacteria
    Posted in: 2017, QLD

    New techniques reveal dragonfly wings’ sterile surfaces could help in fight against antibiotic resistance Australia is well known for its deadly creatures. But there’s one that’s harmless to humans and deadly to bacteria: the dragonfly! Hospitals have a huge problem with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Could the dragonfly hold the answer to stop bacteria in its tracks? […]

  • Getting more power from sewage
    Posted in: 2017, QLD

    Treating sewage is energy-intensive, and accounts for 20–30 per cent of a council’s energy costs. And despite sewage being an energy-rich resource, the energy currently recovered from sewage is low. Qilin Wang has developed a technology, using a chemical already found in sewage treatment, to increase the energy recovered by four to six times.