• Blood test for bowel cancer
    Posted in: 2016, NSW

    Taking a test for bowel cancer can be awkward and, as a result of people avoiding the test, most bowel cancer is detected too late for treatment to be effective. But a new blood test may mean that the days of colonoscopies and faecal based tests for bowel cancer detection are numbered. Whist working at […]

  • Filtering the blood to keep cancer in check
    Posted in: 2015, NSW

    A new diagnostic system used to detect cancer cells in small blood samples could next be turned towards filtering a patient’s entire system to remove those dangerous cells – like a dialysis machine for cancer – says an Australian researcher who helped develop the system. The technique was developed for cancer diagnosis, and is capable […]

  • Mexican wave for quantum computing – harnessing anyons to make better technology
    Posted in: 2015, NSW

    Exotic particles, called anyons, can make smartphones faster and increase our computing power according to Dr Robert Pfeifer a postdoctoral research fellow at Macquarie University. This mysterious particle is almost impossible to detect, but Robert has been able to predict the behaviour of small groups of anyons using a small supercomputer and determine more about […]

  • Remembering what you didn’t have time to see
    Posted in: 2015, NSW

    A split-second (11 milliseconds to be precise) can be too quick for us to consciously identify a word, but new research conducted by Dr Trevor Chong of Macquarie University shows that we are nevertheless able to recognise it through non-conscious processes. Although subliminal advertising claimed that flashing ‘Drink Coca-Cola’ during a film in the 1950s […]