• Gatekeeper proteins moonlighting as antioxidants
    Posted in: 2015, NSW

    A cellular protein, once thought to only act as a gatekeeper, also functions as an enzyme to speed up chemical reactions and remove toxins and unwanted substances out of the body, according to Sydney researchers. “My research shows for the first time that this protein aids the metabolism of some toxic compounds and maintains the […]

  • Extinction of large animals damages a greater diversity of plant species than we thought
    Posted in: 2015, NSW

    Think big animals eat big seeds? Think again… The long-held assumption that larger animals eat larger seeds has been overturned by research undertaken by PhD student Si-Chong Chen at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). “We compiled an unprecedented, worldwide, database of over 13,000 interactions between hundreds of animal species and thousands of seed […]

  • Tracking the team that repairs DNA and prevents cancer
    Posted in: 2015, NSW

    Sydney researchers have developed a way to provide a complete picture of DNA repair mechanisms by tracking individual repair factors and how they move to damaged sites in a mess of DNA. These findings can then be taken advantage of to prevent cancer and the effects of aging.