• Blood test uncovers hidden diseases
    Posted in: 2016, NSW

    Sufferers of rare mitochondrial disease have new hope with a new method developed at the University of Sydney. The method provides a diagnosis within weeks instead of months or years through a simple blood sample. Mitochondrial diseases are rare and hard to diagnose. They can affect any organ, at any age and are often ‘hidden’ […]

  • Immune boost for cancer patients with HIV
    Posted in: 2016, NSW

    Cancer is the leading cause of death among people with HIV and yet cancer treatment can be risky as their immune system is already compromised. Now, a new class of drugs developed at the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales is providing hope – demonstrating it is effective in treating the cancer […]

  • Patch to help hearts regrow
    Posted in: 2016, NSW

    A Sydney researcher is growing soft, flexible, conductive materials as a patch that could help repair the hearts of heart attack victims. “When someone has a heart attack, some of the cells in the heart die,” says Alex Patton from UNSW. “Current treatments manage the problems associated with this dead tissue. They offer mechanical support […]