• Can vets help fight domestic violence by identifying pet abuse?
    Posted in: 2014

    Pet abuse and domestic violence are closely linked. Animals can’t talk but University of Sydney vet Dr Lydia Tong has shown vets how to tell the difference between bone fractures caused by accidents and those caused by abuse. Her fracture identification methods are giving vets the added confidence to identify cases of violence against pets […]

  • Interpretative dance coaxes bees into quick decisions on nest sites
    Posted in: 2014, NSW

    Wednesday 9 July 2014 Dr James Makinson evicts bees from their homes for a good reason—to figure out how they collectively decide on the next place to live. His research on bee communication and consensus-building has been published in this month’s issue of Animal Behaviour. James and his colleagues at the University of Sydney in partnership […]

  • Cannibalistic cancer eats itself to survive treatment
    Posted in: 2014, SA

    But SAHMRI researchers are making it starve by eating itself to death Tuesday 1 July 2014 Stubborn cancer cells play a cunning trick when faced with treatments designed to kill them — they eat themselves to survive. But SAHMRI researchers have found a way to starve the cancer cells, making them more susceptible to cancer […]

  • Prostate cancer survivors can improve their sex life at the gym
    Posted in: 2014, WA

    Monday 23 June 2014 Perth researchers have shown that twice-weekly exercise can improve sexual function in prostate cancer patients by 50 per cent. Now, they’re calling on Perth men to participate in a new study to find out why exercise works, and how effective it can be on a broader range of patients. One in […]