• Poetry and fireworks: Fresh Science at the Pub
    Posted in: 2012

    How do you interpretively dance video game addiction? What rhymes with galaxies? Describe milk without saying cow? This is what we made the freshies do at Fresh Science at the Pub 2012.

  • Can your gums tell you if you will get arthritis?
    Posted in: 2012, SA

    Adelaide scientists have found that mice with gum disease develop worse arthritis. The scientists are using this knowledge to investigate whether treating mouth conditions could help relieve arthritis. As part of  her PhD studies, Melissa Cantley worked with colleagues at the University of Adelaide to develop a new way to study these two diseases and […]

  • Offshore fish farming produces bigger, healthier tuna
    Posted in: 2012, Tas

    Port Lincoln tuna are bigger, healthier and happier when they are kilometres offshore, according to a study by University of Tasmania researchers. Tuna are normally farmed near the shore, but a study published in the international journal PLoS ONE found that southern bluefin tuna thrive when they’re raised further out to sea. The researchers collaborated […]

  • Fresh Science at the pub
    Posted in: 2012

    Join us at the pub to hear some of Australia’s top young scientists talk about their discoveries over a drink. Last year we heard about smart bandages, the sawfish saw, printable solar cells, wallabies immune tricks, ocean arteries, backward planets and more. So come and hear what’s fresh in science this year.