• Crocodile eggs measure river health
    Posted in: 2012, NT, WA

    A new land management tool using Aboriginal knowledge Ngan’gi speakers know it’s time to look for freshwater crocodile eggs when the red kapok trees near the Northern Territory’s Daly River burst into flower. This can occur at a different time each year, but the environmental link is solid. A Darwin-based scientist has converted this link […]

  • Galaxies in the thick of it grow up fast
    Posted in: 2012, NSW

    In a quest to learn more about our own galaxy, a Sydney astronomer has identified dozens of previously unknown galaxies in a distant cluster. Using one of the world’s largest optical telescopes, Dr Amanda Bauer—an ARC Super Science Fellow at the Australian Astronomical Observatory—and her team around the world have been studying this cluster closely. […]

  • Milk that protects against HIV
    Posted in: 2012, Vic

    Melbourne researchers have developed cows’ milk that protects human cells from HIV. The milk contains antibodies which defend against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The next step will be to develop it into a cream which women can apply to protect themselves from contracting HIV from sexual partner

  • Sustainable fuels throw up health concerns
    Posted in: 2012, QLD

    Compounds that affect respiratory health have been found in biodiesel exhausts. This might lead to restrictions on the use of this form of biofuel as an alternative to fossil fuel, according to researchers from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). “With fossil fuel reserves dwindling, developing renewable alternative fuels is important,” postdoctoral fellow Dr Nicholas […]