Fresh Science is a national competition that helps early-career researchers find, and then share their stories of discovery.

Fresh Science takes young researchers with no media experience and turns them into spokespeople for science, giving them a taste of life in the limelight, with a day of media training and a public event in their home state.

Nominations open in May 2015. State events will be held in July and August.

Jacek Jasieniak image

Jacek Jasieniak: quantum dot inks for 3d printing

Public events around Australia include:

  • Melbourne 28 and 29 July
  • Perth 20 and 21 July
  • Townsville 3 and 4 August
  • Brisbane 17 August (tentative)
  • NSW and SA to be confirmed

Fresh Science is a national program training early-career science researchers to tell their stories of discovery to the media and public.

In 2015 we will be bringing Fresh Science to every State and Territory where we can secure local support to host the program. Last year, across Australia, more than 300 people gathered at pubs, museums and universities to hear our crop of FameLab Australia state finalists.

State finals will comprise a day of media and communication training  followed by evening presentations at a local pub, at which the young scientists will try to explain their research in the time it takes a sparkler to burn out. In some states we’ll also be inviting the Fresh Scientists to speak with school groups the following day.

Naomi McSweeney investigating bacteria found at a WA alumina refinery, Fresh Science 2010

Fresh Science is in its 18th year. Over that time we’ve worked with dozens of great young scientists, trained them up on how to get their stories across, and then got their stories into the press. You can read about all of them in Fresh Science alumni.