Now more than ever science needs a voice.

Fresh Science is a national competition helping early-career researchers find, and then share, their stories of discovery.

The program takes young researchers with no media experience and turns them into spokespeople for science, giving them a taste of life in the limelight, with a day of media training and a public event in their home state.

Fresh Science is now underway, with events in Victoria, Queensland (Townsville and Brisbane), Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales.

Join in: See public Fresh Science events.

Impurity-munching bacteria, Naomi McSweeney Fresh Science 2010

In Victoria, NSW, Western Australia, South Australia, North Queensland and South Queensland.

Meet this year’s Fresh Scientists from Victoria, NSW, Western Australia, South Australia, North Queensland and South Queensland over a beer at the pub or attend a school forum. Events in: Melbourne 29 July, Townsville 3 August, Brisbane 17 August, Perth 19 August, Adelaide 24 August and Sydney 31 August.

For 18 years Fresh Science has been helping young Australian scientists find their story and their voice, and empowering these future leaders of science to engage with the community, media, government and industry.

Since 1997 Fresh Science has trained more than 250 early-career scientists how to present their science in a way that’s accessible to a general audience.

We believe it’s essential that the new generation of young scientists reach out and engage:

  • exciting Australians with their research and its impact
  • learning how to reach out to governments and businesses
  • encouraging informed, evidence-based discussion of the big issues – from vaccines to climate change; and
  • providing role models for school and university students.
Jacek Jasieniak image

Quantum-dot inks for 3D printing, Jacek Jasieniak Fresh Science 2010

In 2015 we are bringing Fresh Science to every State and Territory where we have secured local support to host the program.

Read some of the fresh science discovered in previous years here.